I’ve been searching for years for unique piece this magickal! It is clearly made with joyful intention and the craftsmanship is superb! Would recommend this to EVERYONE. Customer service is also excellent. All around a happy experience.

This pendulum is like welcoming in an old friend who had been gone for awhile and just made their way home. He is my companion and trusted ally and I simply adore him. Thank you for the beautiful work on this. I’m in love!!

This is such an AMAZING and POWERFUL piece! I am new to pendulums and was able to tap into it’s energy right away. After I used it for some personal healing, I felt a sense softer inner peace and calmness that radiated throughout my entire body. Jessica’s work is not only beautiful, but also life changing!!! I will purchase again and highly recommend her lovely shop to others. ((( <3 )))

I’m so very thrilled and overjoyed, my Red Jasper – Skull Island Pendulum just came in the mail today, and as always it showed up fast, and hade some really neat packaging as well, I have scored a grand treasure indeed this time around, and I want to give out a big thanks to the creator of this magnificent piece, Jessica this is such a fun and fantastic pendulum, you sure did come up with quite a unique and incredible design here for sure, you have made my inner pirate lady very happy and content, this I must let you know, so with my warmest regards, I have the pleasure of telling you how pleased and satisfied, I am with this purchase,