I feel that we put enormous pressure on our selves to be productive and busy every minute of every day. Aren’t you exhausted! I think we all are. While there is nothing wrong with putting one’s nose to the grind stone, we must balance all that work with relaxation and fun. Remember fun? No! It has indeed been too long then. Finding our way back to fun can seem daunting. But start with small steps. I remind my self to laugh loudly if something is funny, even at work. Your laughter will not cause your cubicle to go up in flames, I promise. Plus, it might make your co-workers curious and then everyone can be in on the joke. While walking between errands, look up. There is a gorgeous universe creating the most spectacular sights everyday. And lastly just breathe! Sit down for 5 minutes and just breathe, don’t do anything else but breathe. Experience the amazing phenomenon that is you. Taking these little moments for yourself will help you be calmer, more relaxed, and more open to joy and fun.

Look Up!