Wow!  The “Super Moon” lived up to all the hype.  I thought I would share these photos taken by fellow Albuquerque-an Alix King.  He has an amazing eye and was able to create some stunning images. 

Full Moon Rising Over Sandias 3.19.2011

© Alix King 2011
The Sandia Mountains are west of the city.  I love this shot because you can see the mountains silhouetted on the moon’s face and the lights of the city look so small.  Helps to put things in perspective for me spiritually.

Full Moon Setting Over Lomas Blvd. 3.19.2011

© Alix King 2011

I like the juxtaposition of the two worlds, the urban and the mystical. 
Did you get any photos of the “Super Moon”?  Or were you too busy dancing under it’s glow?

Happy Ostara!
Curious about this pagan holiday?  Find out more here.