I would like to share a beautiful prayer that was written by my sister, Nikki.  She is a gifted healer, who’s compassionate touch heals many who suffer from physical pain and emotional sorrow.  I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful sister who I also consider my best friend.  Love you Sis!!
You can find Nikki’s website and info here.

Prayers to Gaia

by Nikki S.
Prayers to Gaia on this Earth Day 2011: To our Beautiful Gaia that heals us in so many ways.. Giving us water to tend our roots and souls…Giving us food to grow and live…Surrounding us with healing colors,plants, and energy…Bringing forth gems and stones infused with your healing essence…Awakening the seeds slumbering within the ground to canopy your skin and us from Father Sun..Holding us close to your heartbeat…reminding us we are all part of you and part of each other…we honor you today and everyday…we send you unconditional Love, laying our palms upon the ground to give back that which you have given us…sending you healing Light and Love to ease the sorrows, tears, and heartache caused by our hands…sharing the laughter of our children and ourselves as a gift to show you our appreciation…thank you Dear Gaia for your unconditional Love, your wisdom, and strength…Namaste~
Boulder Brooke in Rocky Mountain National Park
Today I plan to sing to my trees.  What are your plans for Earth Day?