Are you ready for the trooping faeries!!  They will be on the move today and through the night, looking for a place to call home for a while.  Entice them to your garden with a bowl of cream or some honey.  Don’t forget to spruce up the yard…add ribbons to the trees, a water fountain, twinkle lights, crystals…anything sparkly and fun.  Dance around your garden and rejoice in the abundance of summer!!

“The Arrival of the King and Queen in Fairyland”
Artist: Anonymous

Today we honor the Sun God!!  You can learn more about Litha here.

There are ribbons in all of my trees, bubbles floating on the breeze, and sweet laughter filling my garden this Midsummer.  I have also been busy in the studio making pendulums charged with the wonderful energy of the Summer Solstice.

How do you celebrate Midsummer?