Four years ago the Mr and I decided to adopted a dog.  At the time the hubby was traveling for work every other week, so finding time to visit the shelters was difficult.  I would find a puppy that I thought would be a good fit for us only to have said puppy adopted by the time the Mr. returned home.   This went on for several months.  Needless to say I really wanted a dog, with the Mr. gone all the time I was feeling a bit lonely.  But finally after months of searching we adopted Logan, a Queensland Heeler.   He was the only one out of his 7 litter mates not barking and jumping around like mad at the shelter.  He has been my shadow ever since.  I am so glad we adopted him.  Happy Adoption Day Logan!!
1st Day Home
Playing in the mud!
What a good doggie!!
And just in case you haven’t had enough of my dog…here is a video of him playing in the water.

Thanks Logan for teaching me to have fun, not take myself so serious and to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  You are such a good boy!!!