Mabon or the Autumn Equinox occurs on or around September 21, this year it is today.  This is a Festival of the Second Harvest.  A day to count your blessings and gather the harvest for the coming winter.  A day of equal parts light and dark, a day of balance. 
Today is a great day to recognize that without the dark there would be no light.  That darkness lives within us and is not necessarily an evil force, only a different aspect of our true nature.  Strive for a balance!
A wonderful Mabon Balance Meditation is available here.  Want to know more about Mabon?  Look here.
Today I will be in the studio creating my beautiful Mabon Series Pendulums and meditating on balance.  (I share all of my new pendulums on Crowning Elements, join me here if you want to be the first to see my newest creations!!)
Blessed Mabon!