This past weekend Sharon from Touch of the Goddess and I attended the annual Albuquerque Pagan Pride Day celebration.  It was a lovely cool day with a light breeze and plenty of sunshine.  
Several workshops and fun events were scheduled through out the day.  And there were plenty of vendors selling their wonderful creations, including us!! 
Our Booth…I love the fall colors!  
Touch of the Goddess’ Smudge Feathers.  Just Gorgeous!!!
A plethora of pendulums.
Colorful staffs, chakra oils, sugar scrubs, and clean & clear sprays
We had a wonderful time meeting our fellow pagans and getting to know some of our fans more personally.  Plus dressing in costume is always an added benefit!
Sharon was stunning in her Autumn Gown and Flowery Hair Garland!
Me!  Like our headbands….I made them.
We had a great time and hope to participate in next years event. For now it is back to the studio for some much needed cleaning and organizing.  Getting prepared for this event left my studio in a terrible state.  I would blame the Goblins but I know they have been too busy in the backyard trying to corner the neighbor’s cat.  They tell me it is quite delectable…I will take their word for it.
What did you do this past weekend?  I would love to hear!