Hello Mystic Seeker!

I am a second generation intuitive lightworker, a mystical metalsmith and a pendulum alchemist.  I create powerful tools that connect you with your intuition, your highest truth, and your inner wisdom.


Intuitive Lightworker:

When I was a young girl, we spent several summers out on the lake in our houseboat.  I loved spending time out there.  My dad taught us how to fish and waterski {I was terrible at both!} on the weekends.  During the week, my Dad would head back into town during the day and it would just be my Mom, my sister, and me.  The three of us would hike through the trees looking for faeries, sing loudly with The Supremes, build sand castles, and swim in the cool lake.  At night, we would call down the moon, wish on shooting stars, dance around the bonfire, and be lulled to sleep by the boat gently rocking in the waves.  This was my initiation into magic and ritual.  As I grew older, we deepened our exploration into the mystical and magical.  My mom and sister became gifted energetic healers and tarot readers.  My dad expanded his woodworking skills.  Their creative gifts helped nurture my own.  I create tools that connect lightworkers with their intuition, highest truth, and spirit guides.  Tools they can use to heal themselves and others.


Mystical Metalsmith & Pendulum Alchemist:

I bought my first quartz pendulum when I was 21 form a small metaphysical shop.  I loved how the quartz captured the light and I was fascinated with the swirling movements.  For the first time, I felt truly connected to my guides and intuition.  Unlike tarot cards which I easily misinterpreted, my pendulum provided clear answers to my questions.  I used that pendulum for many years, but I was never happy with how plain it looked.  It was just a simple quartz focal with a cheap chain and a quartz bead at the top.  I wanted something beautiful and inspiring.  Something that would beckon me to use it every day.  Being a creative person, I decided to add a few beads and embellishments.  I was hooked!  I loved the process and the results.  After a few family members and friends saw mine, they wanted their pendulums updated too.  With their encouragement, I started selling my pendulums in my mom’s metaphysical shop, Touch of the Goddess.  In 2009, I opened my Etsy shop.  I continue to expand my metalsmithing skills by learning new techniques, investing in new tools, and taking classes.  I want to make every new pendulum better than the last.  Craftsmanship, connection, magic, intuitive stone pairings, and hand-forged elements have become my trademarks. 

My sacred why

I want to connect with the divine spark, the moment inspiration strikes and the magic of creation begins.

I love that a-ha moment and watching all the pieces fall into place.

I want to be inspired, curious, and joyful. I want to fill the world with beauty and magic.

Behind the Logo…

The crown symbolizes higher knowledge and connection to the divine, opening your higher chakras and allowing your intuition to flow.  Did you notice the hint of flames in the crown?  I’m a fire sign {Leo!} and I love creating with my torch.  That spark of inspiration and connection!

The circle with the cross is a primitive symbol for the elements.  Earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.  I use all of these elements to create each and every pendulum.  Grounding you in their protective energies so that you can explore and connect with your intuition.  

The Studio

I’m so lucky to have this creative space! 

I can really spread out and make a mess in here.  And when I’m in the middle of a pendulum series, every station is rocking.  I sketch, solder, electroform, patina, grind, saw, sand, stone set, wire wrap, tumble, photograph, and pack orders all in this room. 

And I’ve been know to have a few dance breaks in here as well.