Happy Ostara

Ostara Blessings to You
Ostara by Amanda Clark

Yay!  It’s the first day of spring.  Here in Albuquerque, the trees are starting to blossom and the spring flowers are lazily reaching for the sun.  I am so ready for warmer weather…I’m tired of dressing like the abominable snow man to walk Logan!

Ostara is a time of renewal and rebirth. Take some time to celebrate the new life that surrounds you in nature…walk in the park, lay in the grass, hike through a forest. As you do so, observe all the new things beginning around you…plants, flowers, insects, birds. Today the light and dark are in perfect balance.  Are you?  Time to look at aspects of your life that are throwing you off kilter.  Do you need to let something or someone go.  Or perhaps you need to draw something new into your life.  Now is the time to renew your commitment to yourself and your path.
{Learn more about Ostara HERE.}

New Techniques
etched copper tube

The last few months I have learned many new techniques to incorporate into my creations.  I am so excited to show you!  All of these technique are a little more labor intensive, so I will slowly be adding new items to my etsy shop

I want to thank all of my wonderful clients who have encouraged me and purchased one of my creations.  Because of you, I am able to do what I love everyday.  Your lovely feedback, sharing my work with your friends and family, sharing your pendulum and meditation experience with me, and connecting with my via social media are such a blessing.  Thank you!

Brightest Blessings and Happy Ostara,

Healing Moon Tonight

Tonight’s full Moon is the Healing Moon.  Take a moment to gaze at the Moon and visualize loving white energy healing all your sorrows and woes.
Healing Moon April 2011
April’s Healing Moon
Say the following quatrain 3 times aloud…
Loving Moon shining bright,
fill me with your radiant light.
Bestow upon me your blessing,
healing with your cosmic energy.
Then soak up all that wonderful healing energy!  Feel free to add your own spells and rituals, making magic personal and truly yours gives you better results.  Remember to thank the Moon for her blessing.
How will you work with the Healing Moon?

Abundance Checks

I thought I would share some information about abundance checks. I found this info on Lady Sage’s website, which is lovely. www.sagescorner.com

Abundance Checks
Current dates to write your Abundance Checks are: September 12 thru 21.

There is a traditional process, which has been handed down, that must be followed. If you do not have a checking account you can draw a check on a piece of paper and fill it out the same way, the results will be the same, more abundance for you.

1) If you choose to write your check on the ‘new’ moon you should do this within 24 hours ‘after’ the new moon. Or you may do this on any of the above dates (one or all makes no difference). Take a check out of your check book. DO NOT write ‘void’ in the register space instead write GIFT; UNIVERSAL ABUNDANCE; ALL THE MONEY I NEED; etc.

2) Now, where it says “pay to”; write your name.

3) In the little box on the same line where you put the dollar amount write, “PAID IN FULL”

4) On the line underneath your name, where you would write out the dollar amount write “PAID IN FULL”

5) Sign the check: “The Law of Abundance”

DO NOT put a date on the check. DO NOT write a specific dollar amount on the check. Put it in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take it from there.

Many people are skeptical about trying this until they do it. After the first time they realize the power of these checks and they do them routinely every month!