Bead Fest

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Bead Fest in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It was a beautiful day and the hour drive north from Albuquerque was a nice change from my daily routine.  After much circling about looking for a place to park, I finally entered the Bead Fest exhibitors hall.  My of my…so many beads…where to begin.  I was able to find several goodies that I will share here.  
{I’m keeping a few a secret so you can be surprised}
Aren’t the patinas on these filigrees fantastic!  And I’m looking forward to etching more metals. 
I couldn’t resist all these beautiful agates.

I was able to find a few amulets and I just loved the matching stone sets.  
I’ve already used a few of them in some new pendulums.
More filigrees…hoping to include some of these in a few new soldering projects.
When I finished all of my shopping {more like I ran out of money!}  I took a stroll through The Plaza, the heart of Santa Fe.  I just love all the architecture and the history.
I was also lucky enough to stumble upon on of my favorite musicians, Roark Barron.  
He is an amazing Harpist.
I usually only get to see him perform live during the Santa Fe Renaissance Faire.  So to hear his wonderful music drifting through the plaza was a pleasant surprise.  Needless to say, I pulled up a seat and had a good listen.  It was a lovely way to end a productive day of supply shopping. 
Now I better get busy making some stuff with all of these wonderful finds.
Off to the studio…

I am on the hunt!

Does that statement conjure images of elusive big game and expansive African vistas.  If you were looking for a new camera bag it would!  Why is it so difficult to find a stylish camera bag at a reasonable price.  I want a bag that doesn’t scream “camera inside…steal me!!!” and “boring, are you talking to me?”  I bet Ansel Adams never had this problem.  
Well keeping with my safari theme, I will probably order this one. 
Buy it here
I like the vintage look, all the pockets for extra goodies, and the fact that I can wear it as a backpack or across my body over one shoulder.  Plus if I ask the hubby to carry it he won’t die of embarrassment. 
Now if I could only find a Pith helmet I would be set!