Bead Fest

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Bead Fest in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It was a beautiful day and the hour drive north from Albuquerque was a nice change from my daily routine.  After much circling about looking for a place to park, I finally entered the Bead Fest exhibitors hall.  My of my…so many beads…where to begin.  I was able to find several goodies that I will share here.  
{I’m keeping a few a secret so you can be surprised}
Aren’t the patinas on these filigrees fantastic!  And I’m looking forward to etching more metals. 
I couldn’t resist all these beautiful agates.

I was able to find a few amulets and I just loved the matching stone sets.  
I’ve already used a few of them in some new pendulums.
More filigrees…hoping to include some of these in a few new soldering projects.
When I finished all of my shopping {more like I ran out of money!}  I took a stroll through The Plaza, the heart of Santa Fe.  I just love all the architecture and the history.
I was also lucky enough to stumble upon on of my favorite musicians, Roark Barron.  
He is an amazing Harpist.
I usually only get to see him perform live during the Santa Fe Renaissance Faire.  So to hear his wonderful music drifting through the plaza was a pleasant surprise.  Needless to say, I pulled up a seat and had a good listen.  It was a lovely way to end a productive day of supply shopping. 
Now I better get busy making some stuff with all of these wonderful finds.
Off to the studio…

Happy Ostara

Time once again to welcome Spring!  Which means…
My Plum Tree will soon be bursting 
with delicate pink blossoms.
Hot air balloons become my morning wake up call.

I switch out my dishes.

And I celebrate Ostara!

art source:
Curious about this pagan holiday?  Find out more here.

I am also looking forward to longer days, more sunshine, burst of color in New Mexico’s brown landscape, and reconnecting with friends and neighbors as we emerge from our winter hibernation. 

I hope you have a happy and blessed Ostara!

Happy Earth Day

I would like to share a beautiful prayer that was written by my sister, Nikki.  She is a gifted healer, who’s compassionate touch heals many who suffer from physical pain and emotional sorrow.  I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful sister who I also consider my best friend.  Love you Sis!!
You can find Nikki’s website and info here.

Prayers to Gaia

by Nikki S.
Prayers to Gaia on this Earth Day 2011: To our Beautiful Gaia that heals us in so many ways.. Giving us water to tend our roots and souls…Giving us food to grow and live…Surrounding us with healing colors,plants, and energy…Bringing forth gems and stones infused with your healing essence…Awakening the seeds slumbering within the ground to canopy your skin and us from Father Sun..Holding us close to your heartbeat…reminding us we are all part of you and part of each other…we honor you today and everyday…we send you unconditional Love, laying our palms upon the ground to give back that which you have given us…sending you healing Light and Love to ease the sorrows, tears, and heartache caused by our hands…sharing the laughter of our children and ourselves as a gift to show you our appreciation…thank you Dear Gaia for your unconditional Love, your wisdom, and strength…Namaste~
Boulder Brooke in Rocky Mountain National Park
Today I plan to sing to my trees.  What are your plans for Earth Day?

Spring, Blossoms & Four Letter Words

Spring has finally sprung…and in my neck of the woods (desert is more accurate!) spring also brings a foul four letter word…WIND.  Luckily, I caught some photos before it got super windy.
Sunshine through the spring trees
I have a stunning Flowering Plum Tree in my backyard that has the prettiest pink blossoms.  I look forward to their arrival every spring and this year I was not disappointed!
Plum Tree Spring 2011
Plum Tree
Than came the evil WIND…I guess this is just a reminder to live in the moment, for those beautiful blossoms could be gone tomorrow.  So take the time to sit under that flowering spring tree and enjoy the beauty of this season while it lasts!
What is your favorite thing about spring?